About Us

Ault & Ault was founded in Winchester, Ontario in 1985. Today, Ault & Ault has two offices – Winchester and Cornwall with five lawyers.

The Winchester office is located at 522 St. Lawrence Street in Winchester and focuses on solicitor’s work and some areas of litigation.

In 2014, Ault & Ault opened a second full-time office in Cornwall, Ontario at 89 Tollgate Road (near the corner of Pitt Street). The Cornwall office is staffed by associates Warren Leroy and Mally McGregor, who practice exclusively in litigation at all levels of court in the following areas:
• Statutory Accident Benefit claims
• Employment law

The Cornwall office also accept files relating to:
• Family Law
• Small Claims Court

We accept legal aid certificates for both Family files and Criminal files.

Providing services to clients in Eastern Ontario, Warren and Mally, both residents of Cornwall, are willing to meet clients outside office hours and, if required, at locations most convenient to clients. They designed their Cornwall office to accommodate persons with disabilities.

Our goal is to provide excellent legal advice and services. Our philosophy of practicing law is to avoid legalese and to ensure that our clients fully understand the work that we do on their behalf. We prefer a relaxed and friendly approach to our clients, and also to our opposing counsel and their clients as much as possible. Our lawyers bring diverse experience to the firm and can help with many of your legal needs. Equally important is the background and experience of our support staff, some of whom have been with us since our earliest days. They are an essential part of our success.